Thermo Tek CF1500

This plant produces up to 1500 liters per day.

Flow Diagram


Pyrolysis / Thermolysis

The Process Explained Molecule Cracking Waste Plastic Storage


Thermolysis Oil

The raw condensate Thermolysis oil is suitable for use in multi fuel diesel engines and diesel/paraffin burners in industrial applications.


Economically the fuel is even more interesting as a chemical raw material.

The Plant

is mobile
it’s requires electrical Power
and needs compressed air

A  Unique Business

The ThermoTek Plant is a unique Business , and does not have much competition.

Stock is virtually free. Waste plastic is all over every Town and City. It just needs to be collected. The return on waste plastic is approximately 80%.

100kg of HDPE will yield approximately 80 litres of Pyrolysis Oil/Diesel.

Which other business will give you such returns? The above Thermo Tek Plant produces 1500 liter of pyrolysis diesel per day, which can be sold into the open market for industrial use.

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